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Server Commands

Command Usage
/help (or /h) Help lists all the commands you can use on Zoner Universe and provides details on how they are used.
You can also type commands that take arguments without parameters to see what they are
/system [Message] (or /s) Sends a chat message to all ships in your current system
/local [Message] (or /l ) Sends a chat message to all ships in your local area
/group [Message] (or /g) Send a message to all players currently in your group
/invite (or /i) Invite a player to your group.
Eg. /invite Trent or /invite$ 1
/join Accept an invite sent by a player to join a group
/leave Leave the group you are currently in
/target [Message] (or /t) Send a pm to the currently targeted ship
/reply [Message] (or /r) Reply to the last person who sent you a PM
/privatemsg [Player] [Message] (or /pm) Send a private message to a player. If the player is offline the message will be sent as mail
/factionmessage [Tag] [Message] (or /fm) Send all online members of a faction a chat message
/factioninvite [Tag] (or /fi ) Invite all members of a faction to your group
/time Shows the current server time
/showmsgs Shows all the preset messages you have set with /setmsg
/setmsg [1-9] [Message Text] Sets a preset message for use with /l or /g etc.
/[1-9] Send a preset chat message to the current system
/l[1-9] Send a preset message to all ships in your local area
/g[1-9] Send a preset message to all members of your current group
/t[1-9] Sends a preset message to your current target
/givecash [Player] [Amount] {anon} (or /gc) Sends some of your money to a player. Add anon at the end to make it an anonymous transfer
/drawcash [Player] [Password] [Amount] (or /drc) Withdraw money from one of your characters. Use /set cashcode to set password for withdrawal
/set cashcode [Password] Set the password of your current ship for withdrawal using /drawcash
/showcash [Player] [Password] (or /shc) View the current balance of the specified ship using the password set by /set cashcode
/renameme [Name] {Password} Rename your current ship to the given name. Use the optional parameter {Password} to use restricted faction tags
/pingtarget Show the estimated ping of the currently selected player
/ping Display your estimated ping to the server
/credits Display your current character's monetary fiscal balance in Sirius credits
/ids Displays a list of all online player IDs for use with $ targeting. See below for details
/id Display your current ID on the server
/ignoreid [ID] {p} Igore chat from the player with the specified ID number. Add p at the end to only ignore private messages
/ignore [Player] {p / i} Ignore chat from the specified player. Use the p flag to block only private messages and the i flag for partial match.
For example to block all pms from the faction [NOOB] use /ignore [NOOB] pi. Note that ignoring administrators may result in a ban
/delignore [ID or delete all] {ID2 ID3 ID4..} Unmutes the given ID(s). Use delete all instead of an ID to reset the ignored players list
/set movecharcode [Password] Set a password allowing you to move a ship between player accounts
/set chattime [on / off] Turns timestamps in chat on or off
/set chatfont [Size] [Style] Allows you to configure the size of the chat font.
Valid sizes are small, default and big. Valid styles are default, bold, italic and underline
/set diemsgsize [small / default] Set the size of death messages shown in chat
/set diemsg [Value] Sets which death messages to display. Valid values are all, system, self and none
/movechar [Name] [Password] Move the specified ship to your current account. Costs 2 million credits
/mail Displays any messages you were sent using /pm while offline
/maildel [Message Number] Delete the message specified by the message number
/coin Flip a coin. A good way to place your fate in the hands of the gods
/dice [X]d[S] Roll X die with S sides. Eg. /dice 1d6 would roll a single 6-sided dice
/setinfo [Paragraph] [Command] [Text] Set your information shown when /showinfo is used
Note: text might not display on some clients
/showinfo Display info of the currently targeted ship that was defined with /setinfo
Note: text might not display on some clients
/restart [Template] Delete the current ship and replace it with the specified template.
Note this will wipe your current character completely and replace it with the template
/showrestarts List the available restart templates for use with /restart
/me Prints your name plus other text to system. Eg, /me thinks would say Bob thinks in system chat.