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A universe of unmodded freelancing possibility

"Ashcroft finally talked - are you interested?"

Dedicated Server

24/7 Zoner Universe runs on a dedicated server ensuring maximum performance and minimal lag.

New Opportunities

All jumpholes and jumpgates unlocked allowing for new adventures and cunning shortcuts.

FLHook Powered

Enjoy advanced player management features like banking and off-line messaging without modding.


An active server community and Discord channel where you can chat with friendly admins and other players:

What is Zoner Universe?

Zoner Universe is a dedicated Freelancer server with a diverse and active player population.

Based in the UK and run on dedicated hardware by a seasoned team of admins, it offers one of the best vanilla experiences out there - regularly featuring in the top five servers.

What makes Zoner Universe different?

  • Increased NPC presence in many systems
  • Battleship encounters added to many systems
  • Encounters with singleplayer characters such as Jun'ko Zane
  • All jumpholes and jumpgates have been unlocked
  • Advanced FLHook features such as banking, renaming and moving characters.
  • Better pay for missions offering more ways to make money

JFLP Recommended

Jason's Freelancer Patch contains several bug fixes for vanilla Freelancer as well as adding widescreen support, vertical thrust and rotation controls. Installing this is highly recommended. Remember to run as admin!


Hall of Fame

Noteable Freelancers will be listed here to show appreciation to their contribution to this server, whether it be monetary or time based.

Be anyone

Restart templates allow you to play as a certain faction. Do you want to be a Lane Hacker or perhaps a member of the Bretonia Armed Forces?

Using this will change your location, ship and reputation. Using the Order restart template is the only way of obtaining the 07A "Anubis" Very Heavy Fighter.

Use /showrestarts and /restart in-game to find out more.