FreelancerFL Combined Patch

This patch contains everything you need to play Vanilla Freelancer in . This includes:

This is a self extracting zip that needs to be extracted to your Freelancer installation. Typically this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer.

Warning: You will need to right click and Run as Admin for the patch if installing to Program Files.

FreelancerFL Account Manager

This utility helps to manage and quickly switch between multiple Freelancer accounts. It supports importing and exporting accounts as files and works with Freelancer Key Generator (below).

FreelancerFL Key Generator

This utility creates new multiplayer account IDs, allowing an unlimited number of accounts. It works seamlessly with Freelancer Account Manager.

FreelancerFL Companion

This utility gives information on trade routes and other useful info. It can calculate the profit and time of cargo runs too.