Major Downloads

Below you'll find important Freelancer downloads and utilities approved for use with the Zoner Universe server.

All files have been fully tested and scanned for viruses.

Official Patch 1.1

The official Freelancer patch fixes several bugs including account ID generation, and various server related bugs.

Installing this before JFLP is highly recommended.


Jason's Freelancer Patch 1.22

Jason's Freelancer Patch (JFLP) contains several bug fixes for vanilla Freelancer as well as adding widescreen support, vertical thrust and rotation controls.

Installing this is highly recommended. Remember to run as admin!



FLStat is a utility that scans Freelancer files and displays information on everything from cargo prices and weapon specifications, to equipment dealer stock availability.


Minor Downloads

Tools to make your life easier. Whether you need more characters or the best trade route, we've got you covered.

Freelancer Account Manager

Freelancer Account Manager is a utility that helps to manage and quickly switch between multiple Freelancer accounts. It supports importing and exporting accounts as files and works with FLKeyGen.


Freelancer Key Generator

Freelancer Key Generator is a utility that creates new multiplayer account IDs allowing an unlimited number of accounts. It works seamlessly with Freelancer Account Manager.


Freelancer Companion

Freelancer Companion is a utility like FLStat that gives information on trade routes and other useful info. It can calculate the profit and time of cargo runs too.


HD Mod

This server has been confirmed as working with Swag Pack v1.0.

This contains graphical and sound enhancements that take years off the game.